Sleep Health In Preschoolers

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What will happen if we take part
in the SHIP study?


If you take part in this 3-year study you will receive free parent education materials and helpful advice, and have opportunities during a home visit and follow-up phone calls to talk to one of our study team members to problem-solve ways to keep your child healthy and developing well. You would receive weekly phone calls for three months after the home visit, and then monthly phone calls for the next 9 months.

You would be randomly placed in one of two groups. The group you are placed in will be decided by chance, like “flipping a coin” and you will not know your group assignment. The two study groups will be given different sets of materials on topics including child sleep, tooth brushing and flossing, proper car seat use, bicycle and helmet safety, and reducing exposure to pesticides. We want to study the differences between the two groups.

During the three years of the study, we would also measure your child’s sleep and development at five different points, so that we can see how your child grows, learns, and changes over time. We would also collect some information about you, so that we can understand more about what it’s like for parents of children with sleep problems. The SHIP study collects this information about you and your child in several different ways at these time points:

Online surveys that you would be asked to fill out about you and your child
A behavioral diary that you would be asked to keep for one week about your child’s sleep, mood, and activities
An actigraph watch that your child would be asked to wear for one week to measure sleep and movement
Measurements of height, weight, and waist circumference that we would ask to take of both you and your child
Some fun, game-like learning and development tests we would ask to do with your child
Some iPad games we would ask you and your child to play
After your first two years in the study, we would also ask your child’s teacher to fill out a survey about your child

Families who participate in this study may receive up to $180 in gift cards to thank them for their time.

If you and your child join the study, you can decide to stop at anytime for any reason. If you decide to stop, you would need to talk to one of our study team members.



For a detailed description of what would be involved if you decide to participate, please read the study consent form.